Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions I’ve been asked often. Before asking me a question, please check if it’s already answered on here.


Should I use or

I don’t really care which, to be honest, so don’t spend too much time worrying about it. However, if it’s very obviously Math Advance related (MAT, MAST, etc) you probably should email the Math Advance email.

I have other contact information besides your email, can I use it?

If any of the following conditions are met:

then please use email.


Can you look at or help with my contest?

Yes, but if and only if you are using mapm (why mapm?). There are a ton of examples, tutorials, and documentation:

I am willing to help you setup mapm, migrate to it, etc. We’ve got decent adoption of mapm inside of Math Advance, I want to see if I can get a couple groups outside to use it.

If you’re running a non-math contest and want assistance with mapm, my offer still stands. (Though of course I can’t help from a non-technical standpoint, since I don’t know anything besides math well enough to do so.)

Can you teach me/my kid?

Probably not (unless you go through MAST). Note that MAST is an AIME program, so if you/your student aren’t quite at that level, I won’t be able to instruct them. My hands are full with MAST at the moment, so I won’t be teaching anything else in the school year. Email me anyway though, my schedule should clear up during the summer and I want to try a new introductory geometry textbook I’ve been writing, if you don’t mind that sort of thing.


How did you make this website?

Mostly with pandoc. It’s hosted with NGINX. You can also see my post on how to make a static website

Can I use X project that you made?

Yes; in fact, please do. I couldn’t even stop you if I wanted to, that’s the point of open source. (If I didn’t want you to use it, I wouldn’t have made it public, would I?)

I’m curious by disposition though, so if you’re using one of my projects, I’d appreciate it if you sent an email letting me know. That way I know which of my projects has the most reach, which is one of the factors I consider when deciding what to work on.

TeX Live or MiKTeX?

TeX Live hands down. Particularly if you are using Windows, which is probably the reason you’d ask such a question. The installation/setup process has a lot less hiccups, particularly with Asymptote.

Also, if you are using Windows, you might want to consider not?