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This will be much angrier than my usual post — even my usual angry post. If you don’t want to deal with that, you’ve been warned.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

How hard is it to just clean up after yourself?

Trash at WARP. Yeah, it’s really bad.

Yeah I get it, you’re too rational to clean this shit up. You choose to defect rather than cooperate and let some other poor chap clean up in the mess, and in the same day, you manage to mess the entire commons up again. I’m honestly impressed.

If you’re reading this, and you know that you’re one of the people who regularly contributed to this, then know that I think you’re generally a very cool person — everyone at WARP is — but please, make it a habit to clean up after yourself. Please make “leaving the place better than I found it” an actual value of yours, even if it’s 2AM or whatever.1 I know no one is doing this out of malice, but if you “just forgot” to clean up, it’s because you just don’t care enough. I know, for a fact, that you learned a ton of skills to train habits at this camp. Put the “Applied” in “Applied Rationality”: please make this a habit you decide to train because it is really important.

Because how the fuck are you going to solve hard problems like AI alignment if you can’t even solve the mess in the commons?

  1. And if you’re too tired at 2AM to fix your mess, consider sleeping earlier.↩︎