Math Advance is looking for Rust developers

The title of the post says that we are looking for Rust developers. Indeed, the language all Math Advance projects are written in is Rust, some of which interfaces with LaTeX. However, if you are willing to learn, Rust knowledge is not necessary! All that is needed is patience and diligence.

Due to some poor initial technical decisions by our tech lead (read: me), Math Advance has been straddled with a bit of tech debt. To summarize, we have stuff written in crappy not-Rust languages (typically Node JS) and want it written in Rust. It will be largely from scratch, though we will keep some legacy components of the MAT website (due to me not wanting to reimplement it all), so the tech debt is not something any new developers will be straddled with. There will be no crappy codebases to struggle through.

A list of Math Advance related projects, from my most to least recommended:1

Of course, the nature of open source is that it is distributed. You do not have to join the Math Advance team itself to send patches! Total commitment is not necessary, especially for mapm — which is why, if you want to help but don’t know what to pick, I seriously suggest you pick that.

If any of this interests you, shoot me an email! Alternate forms of contact OK too, if you have them.

  1. Note this does not reflect my level of investment in the project, just how suitable I think it is for an outsider to Math Advance, or maybe even programming.↩︎

  2. An AMC, AIME, MATHCOUNTS or Olympiad template would be helpful! Any popular contest format would really greatly benefit the ecosystem, so ARML, HMMT, etc are also on the table. It just requires some LaTeX skills.↩︎

  3. Actually, I’m half-inclined to decline help from anyone who isn’t already experienced with Rust AND Next JS, since this project won’t teach you much valuable anyway. Or at least, the frontend won’t.↩︎